“Motherhood in the Art World”

“Motherhood in the Art World” is a documentary film made of interviews to curator Vanessa Joan-Müller, and to the artists Renate Bertlmann, Regina José Galindo, Christine Hohenbüchler, Stephanie Misa, Tanja Ostojic and Signe Rose.

The documentaries’ subject consists in the difficulties in the maternity world and points out the different precarious conditions in the art world for women, contrasting experiences according to geographies like Latin America, as well as Europe and the experience of immigrant mother artists in Vienna.

The video discusses the complexity in the search of balance between life and work in the art world.

The video is accompanied by a written work about motherhood in the art world, applied to the first artistic works about maternity done by mother artists; as well as a critical reading on the relationship between women and capitalism and the phenomenon of migrations.

The written work can be seen in the link:

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